Sencor Humidifier - SHF900

Sencor Humidifier - SHF900

Zenet 6 Systems Air Purifier - ZAP3001

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A Filtration And Purification Of Air Through 8 Extents Of Cleaning

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Product Details:

  • A filtration and purification of air through 8 extents of cleaning
  • Automatic operating mode and quality check of air
  • Three built-in sensors: dust, allergens and smell (smoke)
  • Plasma (electrostatic) technology of purification of air
  • Sterilization and antiseptic influence by the UF-lamp
  • Generation of negative ions
  • Five modes of control of productivity
  • Photocatalytic system of purification of air
  • The NERA high-quality filter with an active carbonic layer
  • Purification of air of the weighed particles in air to 99.97%
  • Effective removal of dust, smells, allergens and tobacco smoke
  • Sensors of timely cleaning or replacement of the main filters
  • Effective filtration of macro particles from 0.1 to 0.03 microns
  • Built-in timer
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