Samsung Refrigerator - 420ltr - Rt42K5110Sp

Samsung Refrigerator - 420ltr - Rt42K5110Sp

Samsung Silver Refrigerator - 600ltr - Rt60K6130Sp/Sg

Samsung Silver Refrigerator - 600ltr - Rt60K6130Sp/Sg

Samsung Side By Side Silver Refrigerator - 555ltr - Rsa1Stmg1/xsg

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  • Large Capacity Side by Side Refrigerator

Minimalist Design

Sophisticated and neat minimal design for an absolute contemporary stylish and clean look!

Flat & Flush Door

Enjoy the perfection of a flushed door with minimal gaps in-between the apertures.

Tall Dispenser

Extra tall Water and Ice Dispenser, will make it easier to get cubed or crushed ice and water even with tall glasses or bottles and furthermore they will be much easier to be cleaned.

Fridge & Freezer Drawer

Fridge & Freezer Drawer

Big drawers in Freezer and Fridge permit You to easily take out foods and to even store large sized items. The separation into 2 drawers In fridge as well as freezer compartment help to separate different kinds of foods and especially avoid mixing of small items.

Big Top Guard

The Big Top Guard allows you the bit of extra space in the upper part of the freezer compartment.

W-Option with BRITA Pure Water*

Refresh yourself with great tasting filtered water via a BRITA Water Filter system, stored in a 2L Water tank, including a filter cartridge space of 2 liter right attached at the fridge door.

Wine Rack

The premium wine rack stores a bottle of wine safely, keeps wine optimally chilled and ready for consumption.

Deco Line LED Display

A sophisticated LED panel in a luxurious Silver Deco top Line provides a clear, easy to read display that enhances the look of your kitchen

Home Bar

Without opening the refrigerator, which causes unnecessary energy waste through cold air leaking from the fridge compartment, you can now take out drinks and snacks placed in the door guard with a simple pull and catch of the Home Bar.


Enjoy enough space to store foods,like meats, frozen delights, fruits and vegetables for your whole family or party guest.

Deli Box

If you enjoy precious delights in tiny packages that might get easily lost or need an extra touch of temperature, the Deli Box will the be the right place to store them.

No-Frost Technology

No-Frost Technology

- Stays in Right Condition. Doesn't Stick Together- Making it Easier to Recognise. No Ice Build Up

White LED Lighting

Stylish and semi-permanent LED light illuminates both fridge and freezer, so things are easier to find.

Ultimate Usage

Feel the difference with technical features

Multi Flow

Cooling air flows out through multiple outlets at every shelf level to maintain optimal temperatures. This allows your food stay fresh for a longer period of time.

Smooth Look without Hinge

Your kitchen looks more arranged and beautiful in smooth silhouette with Samsung side by side refrigerator. Neat square frontal view with covered hinges provide a seamless appearance and create a neat kitchen environment with a polished look.


Dimension of RSA1STMG1/XSG

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