Meridian Trimmer Replacement Blade - Sage

Meridian Trimmer Replacement Blade - Sage

Sweet Berries

Sweet Berries

Meridian The Travel Package - Onyx

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Store your Trimmer in your bathroom or suitcase.

Supplement your Trimmer with a new Travel Case. Our Trimmer will fit comfortably in this.

How to Use

1. Easily connect the two parts of the Trimmer with the blade side facing up and press the cutters back until it clicks.

2. The Trimmer comes with two adjustable guide combs. Choose a comb to achieve your preferred hair length.

3. We recommend replacing your Trimmer blade every 3 to 4 months, depending on usage.

Why You’ll Love The Trimmer

Ceramic blades reduce scratching and tugging.

Adjustable guide combs let you trim to your perfect length.

Why You’ll Love The Travel Case

Water resistant outer case material & inner nylon fabric.

Shock proof to protect trimmers.

Easy to clean (anti-mold and anti-bacterial coating for inner fabric).

Polycarbonate outer shell with matte finish.

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