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The book begins with Greg's hard time enjoying a warm day in the middle of the winter. Greg hears that the entire planet is heating up by human beings and that we shouldn't blame him as he recently got here. He had been trying to tell his family about the issue, but they aren't listening.

At school, Greg had been forgetting which projects were due, including the International Showcase. In November, he and his classmates had to choose a country to do a report on. Initially, liking pizza, he chose Italy for the report. However, that was a very popular choice, so his Social Studies teacher chose a student at random. Dennis Tracton was chosen, despite having lactose intolerance. After that, the teacher assigned Malta for Greg. He forgot about his project until two months later, where everyone was wearing clothing from their respective countries. He looked at Rowley's report on England and panicked due to the amount of work. He asked Rowley to switch projects, but he refused. So Greg decided to do his project on his own, but he was disappointed with his project. He tried getting help from his classmates, but they also refuse. He stayed indoors for recess to work on his project and did a lot of guessing for Malta, except for the location, which he's sure that it's located somewhere near Russia. Then, he found some items in the Lost and Found and put together on what appears to be a Maltese outfit for the project. Then, he used food from the cafeteria to make a close attempt on making a Maltese dish. He later shows up for the International Showcase. The heat caused two students doing their reports on Brazil and Bulgaria to fight over table space, which was stopped by a teacher. Then some children went to see Greg's project and asked him questions, but he pretended he only spoke Maltese. Then, the parents arrived, and fortunately, his parents didn't come. Unfortunately, one of the children's pair of parents were actually Maltese, which made Greg nervous. Then, all of the students in the Showcase started to fight along with the students with their reports on Brazil and Bulgaria. Then, the bell rings and school was dismissed.

The situation worsens when Greg's Social Studies teacher sends a note to his mother, Susan, that he has to do his project again. She forbids him from playing video games and watching TV until he finishes his project. It didn't matter to Greg due to Susan's "Screen-Free Weekends" policy. She has been making her sons to improve on their social skills. She wanted Greg to branch out with friends on the neighborhood, but Greg thinks that Rowley is enough. Then, he explains about different children across Surrey Street. Surrey Street is divided from the Straight Lower Surrey Street and the slanted Upper Surrey Street. Trevor Nix used to be an Upper Surrey Street kid until his family moved to the Lower Surrey Street.

One day later, Greg and his family were looking for their pet pig. During Christmas vacation (in the events of The Getaway), they left the pig at a kennel. When they got home, the pig caused a big mess in the house due to it not being taken to the trip. After a few days, Greg's father, Frank, sends the pig to obedience school. The next morning, the manager calls Greg's family and tells them that their pig had escaped. Greg believes that the pig is probably hibernating somewhere, but Susan says that pigs don't hibernate. Greg tried doing that himself, but he failed. Greg and his brothers, Manny and Rodrick receive a blanket from Aunt Dorothy. Susan tells her sons to share it, but after a week of conflict, she confiscates the blanket.

After hearing another one of Albert Sandy's rumors that one's saliva would freeze in a cold enough temperature, everybody started spitting during recess. Due to too many students doing horseplay, their teacher tests them a new game called "Museum" where everybody must stay still for as long as possible. Greg starts to worry when students start sneezing without covering their mouths and noses. Albert Sandy worsens the problem with a rumor where a man's head was blown off after covering his sneeze. To attract some girls, Greg had been trying some cherry lozenges due to their sweet smell. However, many other boys like the smell, with Speed Bump even lock-picking Greg's locker to get the lozenges. It gets windier when Greg and Rowely come back from school. They have been trying to find places to stay warm, but they didn't stay in those places for long. Rowley was nearly caught by some of the Lower Surrey Street kids before he and Greg managed to escape.

Greg and some other students have been worrying about frostbite and were trying everything they could to get warm. When Greg and Rowley were going back home, Greg realizes he can warm up at Gramma Heffley's house. But when they got in there, the thermostat was turned down, so Greg and Rowley have been using the oven to warm up. Then, they had some snacks from the refrigerator, but they made so much noise that Mrs. McNeil went to go check on the house, worrying Greg and Rowely. After McNeil left, they went to watch TV while being covered in a blanket. After they have lost track of time, the thermostat turns up, making Greg reluctant to go outside. To warm up even further, Greg and Rowely took off their clothes (except their underwear) and placed them in the dryer. While the clothes were drying, Greg and Rowely tried to find something else warm. Just then, they heard some loud footsteps and thought that it was either a burglar or Mrs. McNeil. But it turns out to be Susan, who was doing the laundry, due to the washing machine being broken at Greg's house. Then, Susan tells Greg and Rowley to put on their winter clothes to escort them to their houses. Surprisingly, Susan wasn't angry at Greg for what happened, instead being glad of him using his imagination instead of being on a screen.

The next month, the snowfall becomes heaver. Regardless of that, students are still required to go to class. A few months earlier, Lily Bodner took some selfies with her friends without realizing she had head lice. The lice spread to everyone else in contact. The school looks relies on an inaccurate weather forecast, sometimes cancelling school when it doesn't snow when it's supposed to. After losing one of his gloves, Greg uses a hand puppet known as Mr. Morsels. Formerly, boys were in the Safety Patrols program, but after an incident, now the program is run by girls. They won't let the boys walk through the roads, much to Greg's dismay. A lot of students have been doing horseplay with their wet socks, due to their boots tracking snow. After this, the teachers made the students give up their socks in the front office. Jake McGough's sense of smell helped him return the socks to the correct owners. Greg struggles as he goes back home, due to the other students throwing snowballs at him.

Greg wanted to be prepared for another snow day by placing his boots and snow coat near a fire that Frank lit. However, he placed the boots too close to the fire, causing them to get stuck in the bricks. So Greg decided to make some snowshoes out of pizza boxes and tape. However, when Greg and Rowley were in the middle of walking to school, Greg's snowshoes got very wet, causing him to slow down. The problem goes further when they realize that they are in the Guzmans' property, where they own many dogs. While the dogs fought over the pizza that Greg didn't realize until now that were still in the boxes, Greg managed to get out of the snowshoes. The temperature in the school was lower than Greg thought. One of the teachers, Mrs. Willey, keeps a space heater next to her desk. Desperately wanting to get warm, Becky Cosgrove shouted very loud to make Mrs. Willey make her sit next to the heater. Then, the other students tried to do everything they could to stay warm. Greg and Rowley decided to board the Whirley Street kids' bus to partially get home. They dropped off at a golf course where they went to the 13th hole that everyone in Whirley Street was talking about. Just then, the Whirley Street kids attacked Greg and Rowley with snowballs. Then, they boarded the bus along with Greg and Rowley. However, one of the Whirley Street kids threw a snowball in the bus, causing the driver to stop the bus to find out who it is. Greg had his cover blown when he tried to look back to find out who it was, so the Whirley Street kids pinned the blame on him. This results in him and Rowley to get kicked out of the bus. Next, they decided to run to the woods, which made them nervous because of the Goat Man. They eventually got lost in the woods and tried to find their way out. Later on, Greg finds Meckley Mingo's belt buckle on a stump next to a bunch of abandoned cars, which is the Mingo's brother hideout. When Mr Morse stucked in a car and Greg tried to take it out, suddenly, a mysterious person started rising in the car, making Greg and Rowley nervous and fled away. They fled from the woods until they found Frank.

Greg wanted to spend a relaxing day, but Susan removed the batteries from the electronics Greg would use before she left Manny at the daycare. Greg didn't like the idea of having to do chores to earn batteries. So Greg decided to go to Frank and Susan's room to enjoy his day. However, Susan called Greg that she's unable to drop of Manny to the house, so she asked Mrs. Drummond to drop him off for her. Greg remembers playing a game where the players must step off the floor as long as possible. Greg tried explaining Manny how to play the game, but it made Manny scared of the floor. Later on, Greg decided to leave Manny at the backyard, but later on, Manny escaped from the backyard. Greg managed to find Manny and bring him back so he can help him shovel the driveway. Then he decided to let some little girls help him with the chore, which made it easier. Unfortunately, just when Greg was about to pay, the girls put all the snow back to where they were. The situation worsens when Frank and Susan arrive.

Susan wanted Greg to play outside the next day. Knowing Greg would go to Rowley's house to play video games, she calls Rowley to come to Greg's house. They were about to go sledding when a substitute snow plower was about to go plow the road down Surrey Street. Greg remembers a time with a substitute teacher where students pretend to be other students. Greg thought this was funny until a student pretending to be him starts goofing around. Greg got detention for two weeks for the goofing that "Greg" had done. Then, Greg and Rowley decided to build an igloo to survive in the snow. However, they forgot to add a door, forcing Greg to open the top part of the igloo. This gets him exposed to some of the other Upper Surrey Street kids, who knock down the igloo. When they got home, Frank reminded Greg and Rowley about a time when they built snow forts. When they decided to build their clan, Rowley suggested the name "Hufflepuff", but Greg wanted to name it something original. They decided not to name their clan, so they decided to come up with a logo. After they built their fort, they waited for attention in it. It brought in a lot of attention, and Greg and Rowley forgot to make snowballs.

Greg and Rowley bought some pre-made snowballs for ammunition, then they went back to realize that the other Upper Surrey Street kids had duplicated their ideas, only with different flags. Then, the Upper Surrey Street kids went into a free-for-all. This stopped after Joseph O'Rourke lost some teeth in battle. The Upper Surrey Street kids decide to stick together for the next round. Suddenly, the Lower Surrey Street kids came sledding down. To keep that from happening, they decided to build a giant fort. They managed to ward off the Lower Surrey Street kids off the area until Trevor Nix told them that the Lower Surrey Street kids are seen on the Guzmans' yard. The Upper Surrey Street went to there, only to find out that this was only a distraction to allow the Lower Surrey Street kids to destroy the fort. Greg thought that the Safety Patrols came to help the Upper Surrey Street kids, but they were just doing the opposite. Then, for a few moments, the Upper Surrey Street kids, the Lower Surrey Street kids, the Whirley Street kids, and the Safety Patrols are in the snowball brawl. Suddenly, the Mingo kids were looking for Meckley's belt buckle, which Greg didn't realize until now had. To stay out of it, Greg and Rowley built another igloo to hide while everyone else fights the Mingos. Just later, the snow plower came to plow the roads, not noticing everyone else on the road. After the road had been plowed, the war stops and everyone goes home. Greg is no longer worried about the pig, which he thinks is somewhere warm.

Product details

  • Age Range: 8 - 12 years
  • Grade Level: 3 - 7
  • Series: Diary of a Wimpy Kid (Book 13)
  • Hardcover: 224 pages
  • Publisher: Harry N. Abrams (October 30, 2018)
  • Language: English
  • Product Dimensions: 5.8 x 0.8 x 8.2 inches

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