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Learn English To Advance - BBC

  • A tightly integrated books for lower intermediate students, audio and DVD series, suitable for adult learners who already have some knowledge of English.
  • The materials are based around clips of BBC TV programs focusing on overall understanding of the language covering a wide variety of everyday subjects such as work, holiday and health.

It contains:

  • 6 Books + User's Guide
  • 6 Audio CD's
  • 6 DVDs

Learn English Search For The Real World - BBC

  • A complete advanced educational pack.
  • High quality audio and high accuracy video, produced by BBC international channel.
  • All materials of this set are based on Cambridge ESOL English Test.
  • Materials can be adapted to work as book and audio.

It contains:

  • 7 Books
  • 13 DVD
  • 8 Audio CD
  • User's Guide

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