MAFRA Labocosmetica P-Ray Iron Remover

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Mafra, Labocosmetica P-Ray Iron Remover. Decontaminates Paint, Rims & Crystals of Iron Contamination. Changes Color to Purple as it Works

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High quality ferric decontaminant Labocosmetics # P-Ray is a fly rust remover that can be used on paint, rims and windows. # P-Ray simply dissolves metal particles that are caused by, for example, brakes or railway lines. Ferric paint decontaminant, glass and rims. It dissolves inlaid particles that leave the surface rough and can lead to premature oxidation of the sheet. The car is subject to the projection of these metal particles by the truck brakes, railway lines and metal processing plants. If not removed in time, they reduce the smoothness and transparency of the finish and can significantly reduce its durability. The most effective and simple way to eliminate them is to use Labocosmetica P-RAY, a chemical solvent of iron particles, safe for plastic parts, glass, rubbers and chrome, whose action is noticed by the color change of the product to a purple hue.

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