MAFRA Labocosmetica AQUAVELOX 100 ML

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Mafra, Labocosmetica AQUAVELOX 100 ML - Water Repellent for Glass Protects Glass from Water, Dirt and Insects on The Windows of Your car. Rain Repellent. Increased Visibility While Driving

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AQUAVÈLOX creates a sealing layer, water and dirt repellent, on the outside of your car's windows. The transparency, cleanliness and visibility of the windows are prime factors for driving safety, especially in rainy weather. The # AQUAVÈLOX actively contribute to road safety by repelling water, insects and other contaminants, keeping the glass cleaner and improving visibility. # AQUAVÈLOX applies very easily, its effect lasts for a long time. It is resistant to car washes, windshield wipers and clean insects. #AQUAVELOX creates a sealing water repellent coating on the windscreen and all glass surfaces, quickly rejecting water and contaminants and actively contributing to road safety.

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