Jar Opener Stainless Steel Quick Jar Opener

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Stainless steel quick jar opener, quick and easy way to open jar.

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Jar Opener - Easily Open the Jar with A Simple Twist

Still struggling to open those stubborn lids? Disappointed with those good-looking but useless jar openers? Well, you’ve got a better option. Jar Opener is designed exactly for those who always need help when opening jars. Even a healthy hand can sometimes have trouble opening a jar lid, not to mention those with weak or arthritic hands. If you are looking for a sweet gift for someone with weak or arthritic hands, this could be a perfect choice!
Hard to Open Stubborn Lids? Try This One!
Perfect Tool to Open Jars and Bottles
This jar opener allows you to easily open most small water bottles and wide mouth mason jars. It uses a ratchet-type mechanism to grip a jar or bottle lid. It grips the jar lid tightly as you turn the handle counterclockwise and loosens the lid as you turn the handle clockwise.
Compact Simple Design
It weighs 4.4 ounces and it's easy to bring it anywhere when you have a picnic or an outdoor party. Easy to store in the kitchen shelf without taking up too much space.
Ergonomically Designed Handle

The white hard plastic handle is ergonomic and fits most hands. The handle is 3.6" length and 0.9" diameter.

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