BT Speaker+Wireless Charger Momax QL3

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BT Speaker+Wireless Charger Momax QL3
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BT Speaker+Wireless Charger Momax QL3-Brand: MOMAX mommies Model: QL3 Name: q.ed MIRROR wireless make-up MIRROR table lamp Input (type-c) : 5V/3A, 9V/2A, 12V/ 1.5a Wireless output: 5V/1A, 9V/1A Total output: 10W MAX (support huawei 10W) Power of desk lamp: 1.5w MAX Desk lamp color temperature: 4100-4500k Desk lamp luminous flux: 25 lm Power of makeup lamp: 2W MAX Makeup lamp color temperature: 5000-5400k Makeup light flux: 23 lm Lighting mode: natural white, warm white Dimming mode: touch induction Timing function: 1 hour Horn power: 3W Bluetooth version: 4.2 Material: ABS+ acrylic + glass lens Size: 250 * 220 * 180 mm Weight: 845 g Color: white Accessories: professional cosmetic magnifier, QC3.0 charger, type-c to USB cable (1m) Product features 1. Q.led MIRROR wireless charging beauty MIRROR table lamp Max 10 w A six-speed brightness Makeup fill light 3 w speakers 1 h time Wireless charging Touch dimmer Double mirror skin care Bluetooth connection Intelligence to turn off the lights 2.10w wireless charging, comfortable and refreshing Speed and freedom sing, wire has long been thrown beyond the borders.Before sleeping conveniently put, get up mobile phone already full charge, popular without restraint quick charge, how can you be willing to be an outsider. 3.6 adjustable light, a touch bright dream When the darkness is illuminated, the dream is enlightened.Refers to slide light touch lamp brightness sign, switch warm white light brightness, soft light source, no blue light strobe, friendly to both eyes. 4. Fill the light and make up the lamp, so that the United States shuttle day and night Wear delicate makeup, walk in CBD office building show.Sunlight level light source, level 6 bright adjustment, no matter commute or party all night, soft pink color soften straight male heart.

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