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Type: Canister Vacuum Cleaners

Energy Consumption: 1800 Watts

Weight: 5.2 kg

Corded/Cordless: Corded

Bagged/Bagless: Bagged

Tank Capacity: 6 Liter

Hitachi vacuum cleaner


With fluid analysis techniques deployed, the Hitachi vacuum cleaner boasts of excellent efficiency and also provides a tremendous amount of power for highly stable and powerful suction. To maintain the suction, you can also pull out the power cord, which will activate the Auto Suction Booster and cause vibration to the filter, thus removing the clogs in the bag.

Hitachi vacuum cleaner


The Hitachi vacuum cleaner boasts of an intelligent, user-friendly design. To begin with, the appliance has a variable power control feature for effective cleaning. With power ON and OFF pedals mounted on its innovative design, you are bound to experience immense convenience while operating it. The vacuum cleaner is also integrated with Auto Power Cord Rewind pedals, thus helping to keep the cord in an organized manner.

Hitachi vacuum cleaner


The Hitachi vacuum cleaner features the Hitachi’s 3D High-Density Design, thanks to which, the appliance comes with a washable 8L of dust bag that can store 6L of dust. This way, there is no need to empty the dust storage after cleaning each room. You can easily clean the entire house in one go before the disposal of collected dust.

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