Baseus Rechargeable Air Cooling Desktop Fan

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Four speeds, low noise, portable.

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What is re-circulating air?

The air circulator fan drives indoor air circulation by blowing can be used with an air conditioner or a heater to fast cool down or heat up the area in order to balance the room temperature

Smart combination throughout the year
Automatic frequency conversion/four speeds vortex blades/dynamic pneumatic principle mechanical wind scooper

Four speeds low noise
With four variable speeds .anytime, anywhere,comfortable use,refreshing with it

1 Soft wind for sound sleep
2 Quiet motor runs during operation
3 Even wind speed and strong wind
4 Natural and enjoyable ocean wind

Adjustable wind strength
Automatic frequency conversion, speed setting 4 is Like the automatic ocean wind with circulation every 15s

Trumpet design
The back grille enlarges the air intake area and make the wind more stable, stronger and more natural

3-blade cycle Even air volume
With three blades and an extra-large air outlet mesh, it blows more even and more comfortable air

Material: ABS+PP
Rated power: 5W
Power interface: Micro_USB
Name: Baseus Ocean Fan
Rated voltage: DC5V
Battery capacity: 2000mAh

Colour: White / Royal blue

No Refund and you can change items in 14 days from receipt data if there is manufacture defect with pack

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