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Basic specification Item No: 1017 Keyword: turkish coffee maker Coffee Ke... Color: Multiple colors Packaging Gross weight:1.0 kg CTN size:17.5cm*16.5cm*23.0cm Reinforced packaging Product Details 600W Automatic Turkish Coffee Maker Machine Cordless Electric Coffee...
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Basic specification

Item No:
turkish coffee maker Coffee Ke...
Multiple colors
Gross weight:1.0 kg
CTN size:17.5cm*16.5cm*23.0cm
Reinforced packaging
Product Details

600W Automatic Turkish Coffee Maker Machine Cordless Electric Coffee Pot Food Grade Moka Coffee Kettle 220V Portable travel

Name: Turkish Coffee Pot Voltage: 220-240V Color: black / green / purple / red Size: 17.2 * 16.5 * 23.2CM Material: PP Power cord length: 80cm Function: fast cook / slow cook Power: fast cooking 600W / slow cooking 450W Function: Automatic temperature sensing / anti-overflow function Suitable for: making coffee / boiling hot water / boiling milk Operation: 1-4 cups capacity (cup 500ML for Turkish coffee, please do not exceed 200ml, for tea, please do not exceed 200ml, 300ML), washable coffee pot, safety system to prevent water-free operation, anti-overflow system, Sound alarm system One kind How to use, pour coffee and water into the cup, then press the left button, there will be a sound, then press the left button (rapid boiling 600w), (if you press the right button, slowly boil 450w), it will boil ( If you want to cancel the selected function, please press the button within about 3 seconds, then you can select the new boiling function) When the indicator light turns red, the coffee machine stops working and the coffee is brewed Traditional coffee pot usage: In traditional Turkish coffee, the coffee beans are ground into powder, and the coffee beans are deeply roasted into a very fine powder. Turkish coffee requires the finest degree of various brewing methods. It requires extremely fine grinding. The intuitive standard is finer than flour. Then mix cloves, cardamom, cinnamon and other spices. Then put 100 ml of cold water in the Turkish coffee pot. Then add about 10 grams of coffee powder. 100ml of water + 10g of powder is the golden ratio of a cup of coffee. After the ingredients are added, it should be heated and continuously stirred. When stirring, it must be gentle and slow to avoid dispersing the powder layer on the liquid surface (to avoid breaking the residue), so as to avoid excessive extraction. Just before boiling, a layer of golden foam appeared on the surface. The foam gradually increased and quickly rushed up. Immediately turn off the switch. After the foam falls, press the switch again. After several boiling times, the coffee gradually thickens, but wait until the water Only half of the original cooking is successful. Wait for the coffee grounds to settle to the bottom, and then pour out the upper clear coffee liquid. Sometimes lemon or honey can be added. This is a delicious cup of Turkish coffee

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