Apple iPad Pro - 11inch - 256gb



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Wi-Fi + Cellular (2nd Generation) 256GB

Exceptional Camera Accuracy

Apple iPad Pro with Facetime

Thanks to the LiDAR scanner, the Apple iPad Pro tablet calculates the time taken by the light to reach the object and reflect back for highly accurate photography. It operates at nanosecond speeds that open up unlimited possibilities to augmented reality.

Realistic AR Object

Apple iPad Pro with Facetime

This Apple tablet enables you to place the AR objects behind real-world structures. It has a people occlusion and improved motion capture that lets you have fun with AR objects even more realistically.

TrueDepth Camera

Apple iPad Pro with Facetime

With the front-facing TrueDepth camera, the Apple iPad Pro enables Face ID. It detects your face accurately and securely so that you can FaceTime with your loved ones and colleagues with the utmost ease. The tablet allows you to turn yourself into an Animoji so that you can liven up your chats.

Excellent Connectivity

Apple iPad Pro with Facetime

The Apple iPad Pro tablet comprises of a USB‑C port that allows you to connect all your accessories seamlessly. Its advanced WiFi and 4G LTE allow you to stay connected at all times. The tablet is the ultimate workstation that allows you to print, project, and send files at an exceptional speed.

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