Timebase-3 Multi-Function Stereo Wireless Speaker and Charging Station


Turn back time with some soothing tunes with TimeBase-3, a wireless retro speaker with wireless charger and LED alarm clock. It features a Qi-standard wireless charger to effortlessly recharge your phone simply by placing your phone on the wireless charging surface.

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High Definition Stereo Speakers:

Timebase 3 Multifunction 5W Speaker delivers an impressive amount of power for its size. Enjoy low and strong levels and defined and high bumpers whether it's music or sound you're listening as well.

Multiple Retro Technology:

These charging clocks include a USB port for digital music listening, FM radio, alarm clock This accessory for QI charging is great in your bedroom or office.

Wireless Charging Design:

With the wireless charging coil, it can provide 5W wireless charging for SaSamsung and Apple iPhone and standard wireless charging for other Qi-enabled devices allowing you to charge your phone while playing music.

Custom Charging Technology:

The power outlet adapts to your devices to provide a safe charging port for each outlet.

Shipping solution in two ways:

Promate Alarm Clock Beast, 3 Wireless Charging with USB Alarm Clock and QI Certified You can charge two devices at the same time with a Qi certified wireless charging pad and USB port.

Digital alarm clock:

Design an alarm clock even if you are late to sleep or struggle to stand up in the morning, this alarm clock is perfect for you.

Multiplayer mode:

This bluetooth speaker supports bluetooth mode / Aux sound mode / USB port, plug and play.

FM radio function:

Built-in FM wireless, compact panels, easy to locate. You will get clear sound and great reception for small meals.

Scratch function:

Simply touch the snooze button on the light alarm for an extra minute of recovery preparation.

Built-in Microphone for Hands-Free Calling:

The Timebase 3 Bluetooth Speaker features a built-in microphone. It allows you to answer the phone and speak clearly on Timebase 3 at the touch of a button.

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