Black+Decker OR013FD, 2500W 13 Fin

Black+Decker OR013FD, 2500W 13 Fin

Frigidaire dehumidifier 30 ltr - fd30k70isc

Frigidaire dehumidifier 30 ltr - fd30k70isc

Disinfection Nano Spray Gun (BU350)

BHD 14.500

Blue Light Wireless Nano Steam Atomizer Fogger Disinfection Water Sprayer Machine Steam Spray Gun

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1. Good-Quality Spray Port, Use Pa Heat Resistant Material, Fast Fogging, Large Amount of Mist
2. Porous Heat Dissipation, The Device Releases A Large Amount Of -Spray While The Hull Intelligent Heat Dissipation.
3. Adjust The Quantity Of Fog According To The Softness
4. Large Capacity Water Bottle, Which Can Adjust The Control Time According To The Quantity Of Mist.

You Can Get Your Favorite Essential Oils To Achieve Various Good Effects.

Item name: Wireless charging blue light atomizer
Color: White
Battery: Built-in 2600mAh rechargeable battery
Size: Approx. 25.5x24cm
Material: Plastic
Water Bottle Capacity: 800ML
Rated Voltage: 110V~240V
Power supply voltage: DC 5V /2A
Using time: About 180 minute
Charging time: 120minute

Package Included:
1*Disinfection sprayer


Notes: When You Use This Machine, It Must Strictly Need To Use Pure Water Or Distilled Water After Chlorine Removal. Never use liquids, as this can easily cause a fire.

PORTABLE DISINFECTION SPRAYER : Lightweight sprayer that can be put in your backpack. Unlike the garden heavy sprayer, when you plan to travel, it can be carried to help you improve the protection level and protect your health

LIQUID : There are no any restrictions on liquids. You can use any type of liquid. Gel products need to be diluted before they can be used

CORDLESS DESIGN : It is specially prepared for office workers and tourists. The convenient cordless design eliminates the need to look for outlets everywhere when shopping or traveling

BATTERY POWERED : The sprayer is powered by battery build-in and the sprayer support charging. Therefore, you don not need use the outlets all the time.It can work for 1.5 hours on one charge

EXCELLENT SPRAY EFFECT - The Sprayer uses the principle of superheated steam, and pressurizes liquid water into gaseous superheated molecules. Therefore, when you press the sprayer , strong air pressure makes it spray. Fog droplets are uniform

Dear friends, since this gun has been eliminated by the supplier, we will ship the upgraded version of the second-generation PC nozzle anti-clogging to you after placing the order.

If you receive the goods and find that the goods cannot be sprayed, please do not worry, but the nozzle is blocked, you can poke the water outlet with a needle

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