يوميات طفل جبان: مضاعفة أسفل

(شامل الضريبة)
Part 11 of the thriller comic series about the boy Greg Hefley
متوفر بالمخزون
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Diary of the failed student plan

Part 11 of the famous and exciting comic series translated by Jeff Kenny about the boy Greg Hefley


The pressure began to really increase on Greg Heffley. His mother believes that video games occupy his brain and wants her son to put a hand of his control and explore (his creative side).

As if this is not terrifying enough, the time of Barbara has come, and the frightening events fall on Greg and slept all over.

But when Greg finds a bag of jelly worms at home, a brilliant idea shines in his head. Will he be able to please the most brilliant by shooting a movie ... Will he become rich and famous for the result? Or will Greg's double effort in his plan increase his problems?

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