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Zagg InvisibleShield UV Phone Sanitizer
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Brand Zagg Colour White Width 146 mm Depth 241 mm Height 39 mm
Germs and Bacteria are Everywhere

Did you know there is more bacteria on cell phones than toilets seats. Studies found more than 17,000 different types of bacteria on the cell phones of high school students.

What you Touch is on your Hands

A study found an 82% overlap between bacteria on test subjects fingers and their phones.

Your Hands are Responsible

The Center for Disease Control (CDC) estimates that 80% of all infections are transmitted by hands.

A UV Phone Sanitizer that Kills the Most Common Surface Bacteria
UV Sanitizer

Kills 99.99% of the most common surface bacteria.

Short Cycle Time

One full sanitization cycle will take 5 minutes.

Cleans Phones

Works with phones of all sizes.

Key Technology

UV-C (4) bulbs sanitize without chemicals or washing.

Power from USB-C

A universal USB-C port makes phone sanitizing simple on the go (cable included).

Seamless User Experience

Place your phone in the sanitizer and press go – that’s it.

Product Features:
  • 5W UVA/UVC 275nm light treatment
  • Input current 1A
  • Type C connection
  • Inside size 197mm x 97mm
  • Designed for phones up to 6.9”

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