خلاط فيليبس وإناء زجاجي - 1.5 لتر - 400 واط - HR2106/01

( شامل الضريبة)

Fresh Smoothie And Food Made Easy. With Extra-Strong Power And Blade

متوفر بالمخزون
Homiez (1-2 working days)

Product Details:

  • Fresh smoothie and food made easy
  • With extra-strong power and blade
  • 400 W
  • 1.5 l glass jar
  • with mini chopper
  • ProBlend 4
  • Strong 400-W motor for blending and mixing easily.
  • High-qualiy glass jar prevents scratches and odours
  • ProBlen 4 star blade for effective blending and mixing
  • The newly designed blade will blend and cut the ingredients effectively and make a perfect smoothie for you and your family.
  • Mini chopper for chopping soft ingredients
  • Use mini chopper accessory to chop any soft ingredients like herbs, chili, onion and meats.
  • mproved pouring by new spout
  • New spout design will prevent leakage after pouring into the glass
  • Multiple speeds for soft and hard ingredients
  • Blend at different speeds and to different degrees with a choice of settings
  • Pulse for better mixing and blending
  • You can use "Pulse" mode to control blending degree and time convenientlyAll parts are dishwasher safe
  • All removable parts can be cleaned in the dishwasher
  • Lock indicator for ready to use
  • This simple and easily recognisable lock indicator will let you know when the appliance is ready to use safely
  • ntegrated power cord storage
  • Save space with the handy cord storage system under the housing of the blender
  • 2-year guarantee
  • With 2 years worldwide warranty.

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