Zhiyun Smooth XS Smartphone Gimbal Stabilizer Black

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Zhiyun Smooth XS 2-Axis Smartphone Gimbal Stabilizer Black with built-in aluminum rod can be extended up to 260mm,Bulid-in Telescopic Grip,Convenient Transition between landscape mode to portrait,New Object Tracking,New App Support- ZY Cami

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  • Slide Design. Easy Storage : Innovative slide design. Simply slide out to get started for shooting: and slide back for storage.
  • Hand Gesture Control: In addition to using the joystick controls on the handle, you can also use hand gestures to control the gimbal to take a selfie, or start/stop your smartphone camera, so you don't have to touch any controls.
  • A Gimbal PLUS a Selfie Stick: Though being a truly pocke-size gimbal, Smooth XS can also be extended out with the 260mm telescopic rod, providing the value-added posibility to capture group shots.
  • Native Camera Supported: Direct control to native phone camera and selfie App with Bluetooth connected.
  • 5.5 hrs Battery Playtime: You may use Smooth XS to shoot videos for 5.5 hours with one-time full charge and it may be recharged by power bank on the go.

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